Is It Too Early To Start Your Daycare Search?

child coloring with crayons

How soon do you need to start looking for a daycare? Although the answer varies among parents, if you expect to send your child to a local daycare program, you might want to start your research before your child is even born.

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Why It’s Important to Cultivate Self-Worth in Your Children

Why It's Important to Cultivate Self-Worth in Your Children

How a child feels about themselves can determine a lot in their lives. A child with strong self-worth will feel more confident about their social and academic skills, exhibit well-deserved pride in their accomplishments and believe they will be accepted for who they are. These traits can help them succeed in life.

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How to Get Rid of the Pacifier

Binky, pacifier, dummy, paci, soother: whatever you call them, pacifiers are lifesavers during those early months and years. You’ll hear many unsolicited opinions on pacifiers, sometimes from total strangers, often discouraging use. The good news: Doctors agree that pacifiers are perfectly safe and may even help your baby in some ways.

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5 Places in Central PA to Take Your Kids This Summer

5 Places in Central PA to take your kids this summer

The arrival of summer means a whole new set of family outdoor activities you can enjoy. Spending time in nature offers many benefits. You and your children get more exercise, an infusion of Vitamin D from the sun and an invigorating experience that will have everyone ready to drop into bed when you get home.

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How to Have a Successful Kindergarten Year

Kindergarten is a huge milestone for you and your child, but it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Preparing for this next stage in your life puts you at ease. Follow these tips for first-time kindergarten parents to make the transition easier for both of you.

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Sensory Recipe Ideas for Your Toddler

Sensory Recipe Ideas For Your Toddler

Have you ever heard of sensory activities for toddlers? They offer fun ways for kids to use their senses. They most often focus on touch, letting toddlers feel something that gives them a surprising sensation, such as sticky, gooey, soft, rough, wet or smooth.

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Best Family Friendly Activities in Central PA


Summertime is here. The sun is shining, the pool is calling and the kids are off school at last. Having the kids off school is always great — for a few weeks. But it doesn’t take long for the kids to get bored and start looking for something exciting to do.

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