Why Preschool Is Beneficial For You and Your Child

To preschool or not to preschool — it’s a question on the minds and lips of many moms and dads.

This is an extremely personal decision and not one to be taken lightly. Research has shown that preschool has tremendous value for you and your child, as well as your relationship. Even if you have older children who did not attend preschool before heading to elementary school, you might want to rethink this decision for your current youngster in the preschool age group.

Benefits of Sending Your Child to Preschool

Is preschool beneficial for children? Absolutely — in fact, there are documented advantages to going to preschool for kids. The first is that it gives kids a head start on participating in a learning environment. Thus, when they get into a classroom situation in a pre-kindergarten or kindergarten program, they’re familiar with teachers and routines. Never underestimate how much educators appreciate having students who easily fall into a schedule and know how to raise their hands!

A second benefit to sending your son or daughter to preschool is the social setting. Depending on your home life, your child may not get the opportunity to regularly explore relationships with new friends. A preschool is a perfect environment to foster friendships, and some of the kids in the preschool may even end up going to your child’s elementary school. This is a great bonus, as a built-in support system will be waiting when kindergarten rolls around!

A final advantage to going to preschool – and it’s one that many people forget – is that it helps build kids’ immune systems. The more they are around others, the less sick they are likely to become later when they get into a school. Never underestimate the value of having a child whose immune system is naturally strong!

Benefits for You to Have a Child in Preschool

Let’s not forget that moms and dads receive of advantages having their kids in preschool, too! Initially, it might be tough to drop off your son or daughter for a limited period, but it eventually becomes an opportunity for you to run errands, visit friends, go out for a long bike ride or perhaps even work a little more. In other words, it’s a chance for you to relax and recharge, which will make you feel less stressed.

Remember, you’ll also build your own network of moms and dads by meeting them during preschool drop-off and pick-up. Plenty of enduring friendships between adults have been built in the parking lots of preschools around the nation!

Finally, you’ll be able to guide your child’s learning with a little help from the preschool administrators and teachers. Parents often find it challenging to know what to do for their kids to educate them properly in preparation for elementary school. This is where a knowledgeable daycare staff can be an enormous asset!

Is Preschool Worth the Money?

One of the biggest concerns for many parents is how much they should expect to spend on preschool for their child. This is understandable. However, it shouldn’t stop you from investigating the best preschools in your area.

Many preschools will work with you to develop a payment plan that fits your needs. And if that’s not possible, you might be able to get financial assistance from organizations, government entities, and associations. Yes, you’re going to be spending money, but this is an investment in the cognitive and social development of your child. Besides, when a child is in preschool, you can work to make money for the family.

The best advice regarding preschools for your son or daughter is for you to get out and start exploring the possibilities. You may find out that preschools are more advanced than you could have imagined, offering tons of wonderful opportunities for your child… and you.