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Infant Care at Aa to Zz Child Care and Learning Center

Welcoming a new addition to your family is a life-changing event you’ll cherish forever.  When you need child care for your growing baby, SoSleepyyou expect to find an infant child care center that cares for your loved one as tenderly as you do.

Aa to Zz Child Care and Learning Center welcomes your baby into our family of knowledgeable, experienced and supportive caregivers.  At Aa to Zz, our infant development program will monitor and support essential developmental milestones while providing the loving care babies need.  Explore our infant child care center and find out why families return to us year after year for high-quality, holistically focused early childhood development.

Infant Development

Babies develop their bodies and minds through observation, exploration and movement.  The infant care staff at Aa to Zz specializes in monitoring and supporting essential developmental milestones.  During your baby’s first year of life, he or she will progress from rolling over to sitting up to crawling, cruising and walking.  You’ll also watch in amazement as your baby begins eating with a spoon and drinking with a sippy cup.  And when you hear “mama” or “dada” for the first time, your heart will melt with love.

In addition to these important physical milestones, infants also begin to interact with other babies their age.  Although playing together is months or years down the road, it’s not too soon to introduce the concept of parallel play.  Once your baby becomes mobile, his or her world opens up for exploration.  Textures, smells, tastes — they’re all part of the learning and development your baby experiences every day.

Aa to Zz Child Care and Learning Center

To thrive physically, socially and emotionally, your infant needs dedicated, loving and knowledgeable attention.  At Aa to Zz Child Care and Having_Fun_with_MirrorsLearning Center, our infant care staff specializes in the fast-changing needs of growing infants.  We care for infants in a safe, secure and holistic environment that encourages sensory integration and movement customized for the specific needs of each child.  If you prefer, we can include the cost of infant formula in our fee.

Should your child experience difficulties, we can help you identify symptoms and implement solutions.  We share your goal of raising an infant to become a comfortable, active, social and in-control child who is part of the group.

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When you are ready to explore infant care options for your new baby, get in touch with Aa to Zz Child Care and Learning Center.  Our staff members are ready to welcome your infant into our safe, loving, nurturing and fun early childhood program.

For more information about our openings and pricing, contact Aa to Zz Child Care and Learning Center.  Schedule a visit at one of our centers, conveniently located in Hummelstown, Palmyra, Swatara, West Hanover, York and Dover.